Types of Projects Covered by Pioneer and Examples of Unusual Ones

Pioneer Design and Build Limited, based in Crewe, Cheshire, stands as a testament to excellence in construction. Specialising in a range of projects, from new industrial builds to refurbishments, Pioneer’s commitment to quality and innovation sets them apart. In this blog, we will explore two noteworthy projects they have undertaken, showcasing their versatility and ability to tackle both conventional and unusual challenges.


Usual Excellence: Total Park Middlewich Phase 2

One of Pioneer’s notable projects is the Total Park Middlewich Phase 2, a testament to their prowess in mainstream construction.

Project Overview:

– Location: Middlewich

– Cost: £10,300,000.00

Scope of Work:

The project involved the design and construction of five new warehouse units, complete with external concrete service yards, tarmac car parking areas, security fencing, gates, soft landscaping, and cycle shelters. The breakdown of the gross internal floor area for each unit showcased the meticulous planning and execution:

– Unit 4: 3,539m2

– Unit 5: 3,257m2

– Unit 6: 2,435m2

– Unit 7: 1,779m2

– Unit 8: 3,252m2

This project exemplifies Pioneer’s ability to manage large-scale developments with precision and attention to detail.


Unusual Excellence: Atherstone CAT B

Demonstrating their adaptability, Pioneer successfully took on the Atherstone CAT B project, showcasing their expertise in atypical challenges.

Project Information:

– Project: Atherstone CAT B

– Location: Atherstone

– Cost: £10,500,000.00

Scope of Work:

This project involved the design and construction of the CAT B fit-out for warehouse and office areas, including associated external works. The gross internal floor area of 13,078m2 (including offices and a mezzanine office) reflected the complexity and scale of the undertaking.

This project highlights Pioneer’s ability to handle unconventional requests, providing bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of their clients.

About Pioneer Design and Build Limited:

Company Overview:

Pioneer Design & Build is a main contractor building company known for its nationwide reach and ability to complete diverse projects. With a core of approved sub-contractors, they ensure that each project meets the highest standards.

Dedication to Quality:

Pioneer takes pride in delivering high-quality service, with customer satisfaction and recommendations being paramount. Their dedicated design and detailing team can produce comprehensive planning and building regulation drawings for any project.

Technological Edge:

Utilising Tekla Structures, Pioneer offers clients a unique online view of their building, allowing them to navigate and inspect the structure before materials are ordered.

Commitment to Standards and Environment:

Pioneer consistently delivers projects to the latest industry standards, with a commitment to improving efficiency and reducing environmental impact. Compliance with Health & Safety, CDM 2015 responsibilities, and registration with the Considerate Constructors scheme underscore their dedication to responsible construction practices.


Pioneer Design and Build Limited exemplifies excellence in construction, seamlessly transitioning from conventional projects like Total Park Middlewich Phase 2 to unique challenges like Atherstone CAT B. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability makes them a trusted partner for a diverse range of construction needs. When you choose Pioneer, you choose a company that goes beyond the ordinary, delivering outstanding results in every project they undertake.